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One common question we see is "What can you wash your dragons with?" Well, baby washes and shampoos contain laurel & laureth sulfates, plus other unnatural ingredients that may be harmful to reptiles. Natural Dragon Wash contains botanical ingredients and no detergents or animal ingredients. It is made from coconut oil, olive oil, glycerin, vitamin E and other plant extracts. It is ph balanced and safe to use on people and animals. There are no harsh perfumes, just a light lavender scent, or scent from almond oil, or even a tea tree scent that is not over powering.

To use, just mix a little bit with water in a small cup separately and give your dragon a light scrub with a soft tooth brush or one of our Soft Bristle Brushes. The oils in Natural Dragon Wash help break up stuck on dirt and debris. Great for those dragons that are always running through their own poo!

Never submerge your dragon in water with soap!  Use it externally and rinse well. Always avoid eyes and head.

Comes in Almond, Tea Tree, and Lavender Scents!

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