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MealWorm (Special)

MealWorm (Special)

$ 9.99 $ 15.00

Mealworms are a popular feeder insect for reptiles due to low cost and high in protein. They are easily stored in a refrigerator to slow down their growth rate. Just be sure to take out at least once a week to feed for a few hours then restore. Most pet stores sell mealworms from $.08-$.10 per mealworm. Here we sell them for less with a higher quality. Ours are anywhere from $.02-$.05 depending on the package you select. Our mealworms are just like any of our other feeders, specially bred and raised with our Premium Bug Chow. Mealworms are not recommended for baby or young reptiles due to their hard chitin (exoskeleton), only as a treat.

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