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Dallas Cowboys bed, pillow, and hammock set

Dallas Cowboys bed, pillow, and hammock set

$ 15.00

In the wild small reptiles rarely have the luxury to rest on a comfortable bed, with a nice pillow.  We have found whether it is basking on a wonderful Hammock or sleeping on a bed, Bearded DragonS choose to rest on a soft surface. Think About it... What would you choose to lay on a rock or a BED?

So if it is to support your favorite sports team, add to the certain appearance to a habitat, or give your Beardie a comfortable resting spot. Check out our many designs!

The Bed, Pillow, Hammock Set are made right here at Doctor DragonS. (MADE IN THE USA). The sets are hand crafted by Helena Aldridge with a state of the art sewing machine. The beds,& Pillows are filled with a washable poly-fill. The Hammocks have grommets pressed into them with an industrial grommet press to ensure a longer time of use.

Contact us for special orders or sizes (Bed, Pillow, Hammock sets) are made to fit a 40 gallon tank or habitat.

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