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"Groundhog Day" -By Helena Aldridge

Most days I feel like I'm living the life of Bill Murray in the movie "Groundhog Day".

I wake up, I dish out 100+ plates of salad, clean habitats, give dragons fresh water, mist the babies, feed first protein of the day around 1pm, clean tanks again now that all the beardies are nice and warm, give more beardies baths, mist the babies again, run fecal test on some questionable "poop", fill insect orders, feed 2nd protein of the day around 5pm, work on bed, pillow, hammock set orders, clean tanks one more time before lights out. And finally.... my favorite part is getting the dragons out to play. And lastly the paper work, logging weights, who ate what and how much, sales, expenses......etc This is everyday of my life. Although, sometimes I dread getting up in the morning to do the exact same thing day in and day out.... there are many perks to my job, meeting new people, also in the morning when I come into the nursery most of the babies come to the front of the glass happy to see me, and then those few hours in the evening when I can get the adults out and play with them. . I have recently been vending at reptile shows and have been proud of the compliments on how healthy and beautiful our dragons are. I was even asked, "Why are your dragons so chunky?" Ha Ha Ha -BECAUSE I FEED THEM- ha ha ha! I was also asked why none of my dragons have toe and tail nips, and once again - BECAUSE I FEED THEM- Being a breeder is hard work, early mornings and very very late nights. But the love my husband and I have for beardies makes it all worth it.

-By Helena Aldridge of Doctor Dragons

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